How Windows Contribute To Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

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Choosing the right windows can be tricky. Not only do they need to appeal from an aesthetic point of view, they also need to perform well. Because glazing allows more heat transfer than a solid wall does, the thermal efficiency of your windows is of utmost importance.

Double-Glazed Windows

The industry standard nowadays is for all window units to be double-glazed. This is comprised of two layers of glass that sandwich a layer of argon gas. This gas is relatively good at slowing down heat transfer. As a result, heat is better retained inside the property in the winter, and prevented from building up too much in the summer. If you want to ensure your central heating is only working as hard as it needs to, ensure your property is fitted with double-glazing throughout.

Is Double-Glazing Expensive?

You don’t have to be concerned about making a significant investment in exchange for better energy efficiency. Thankfully, many modern double-glazed windows are very affordable and have superior quality. You’re always going to benefit from choosing double-glazing over single-glazing, as the increase in energy efficiency will be seen in lower energy bills and a more comfortable temperature in your home.

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Choose Your Style

uPVC frames also offer the benefit of being high performance and kind on your wallet. They come in a huge range of styles and can fit almost any requirement. Whether you need to replace like-for-like heritage windows or simply install something clean and modern, there’s sure to be a product for you. In the event that you need something truly bespoke, Southwest Building Supplies can even construct custom windows in any size or design that you like.

For Windows, Choose Southwest Building Supplies

If you’re looking for some new glazing, look no further than us. We supply a huge range of energy-efficient windows in styles and colours to suit your needs. No matter whether you want something cheap and cheerful or something more elaborate, we can help. Get in touch with our team today or visit


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